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Canvas FAQs

Thomas Jefferson University utilizes Canvas as its learning management system (LMS). Learning a new LMS, while exciting, can also bring new challenges and concerns. Check out the FAQs below for answers to some common questions we've received from faculty about Canvas:

I need to get started with Canvas. What should I do first?
To get started, we suggest completing the self-directed online training called "Growing with Canvas." Email for access to the training and your personalized Canvas sandbox, where you can explore and complete Growing with Canvas tasks and assignments.
What types of resources and training guides can I use to learn Canvas?
How-To Guides for common Canvas tasks offer step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for the most common tasks. Find additional resources by clicking the Help button on the global navigation menu once logged into your Canvas account. From here, you can ask the Canvas community-specific questions and access training videos and courses. The Canvas Instructor Guide also provides detailed instruction on everything from Announcements and Calendars to Quizzes and Rubrics.
What about workshops or consultations?
A variety of workshops are scheduled throughout the year. Check out our upcoming workshops, or read workshop descriptions and register, by visiting the workshop calendar. If you prefer one-on-one support, sign up for a consultation with our instructional designers for tailored Canvas help. We're happy to collaborate on a series of workshops to help the College, department, or program achieve its goals in Canvas. For Academic Commons' support with program- or college-level initiatives, please email Julie Phillips, Assistant Director for the Academic Commons at
What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas?
For best performance, we recommend using Canvas on the current or first previous major release of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. Find out if your browser is up-to-date and learn more.
I need help with Canvas. How do I contact support?
Visit our Help page to get in touch with the appropriate support team member. The Canvas Support Hotline at (267) 666-6253 is available 24/7.